Hello! Thank you for visiting our Frequently Asked Questions Page. We are here to answer any questions you may have, but these are the most common questions companies like yourselves are interested in knowing more about….

1) Are the calls that I receive through the program coming directly to me from the customer?
Yes. All calls that you receive from us are exclusive calls sent to your company and transfer directly to the phone number you provide and we will not provide the customer’s phone number and information to any other company. These are live calls that we receive in real time that are instantly directed to your phone number so you get to work with the customer as though they contacted you directly. This is where it will be up to you to inform them, answer their questions and to do business as usual as they will in many cases have not contacted any of your competitors in your industry.

2) How do I keep track of the calls that Referrals For America Sends me?
We will set up an account for you. You will have your own login/password that will allow you to monitor call volume and review call recordings to ensure profitability.

3) Are the calls that I receive coming from people interested in my industry specifically?
Absolutely. Our marketing team has many ads placed and a strong internet presence across the country with a detailed description of what your company will do for the customer. The ads placed describe your service and the benefit of using your company for the customer’s specific needs. Keeping this in mind, we do require our clients to provide exceptional service to these customers. We require our clients to be extremely professional and very service oriented. We only do business and provide these calls to the best of the best in the industries we service.

4) If I would like to cancel, what is the process?
You may cancel at any time. All we need is an email or phone call. All of the information needed to call or email regarding your account will be provided on your welcome letter. We believe in our product, and don’t feel a long term contract is necessary. Cancel anytime is our policy. When our clients receive these calls, they just plain love them. Their business grows and their profits rise. They simply request more, more, more….they want the calls and always more which is why we keep putting additional programs in place every day to keep more calls coming in.

5) How do I pay for your service?
We charge on a pay-by-call basis. You pay for the incoming calls that you receive. We can work with several options for payment, but the most common is to have a credit card on file. We use reputable Authorize.net to process all credit cards. All cards are charged each week at 4:00 pm central time every Monday for the calls received from the prior week up until that 4:00pm central time cut-off. You only pay for calls you have received. For larger nation-wide companies, we work with ACH transfers and other.

6) Do I get charged if someone calls me more than once?
No. Our system is geared for this possibility, and if someone keeps calling from the same phone number within a few days, you will only be charged for that call one time. It will recognize the number. That said, there is a time allotment to this feature. If a couple weeks go by and they call again, the system will reset and receive it as a new call. We always advise our clients to give a direct callback number if they don’t close them initially for many reasons.

7) How much do you charge per call?
This varies depending on your industry. We average anywhere from $6.00-$10.00 per call with some current industries we serve. When we set up your account and find out your volume needs, we can come up with an exact amount per call for your company.

8) How many calls can I expect to receive?
This again varies depending on your industry. We currently provide around a thousand calls a week for a couple of our national clients. For a smaller company who may just want one major metropolitan city, we often provide anywhere from 10 to 50 calls a day.  Based on our clients needs we cam use our technology to ramp up volume or set a daily limit.

9) How long has this company been in business?
We have been in business since December of 2010. In the beginning we generated calls for our own small business consumption.  We quickly realized we could use our internet marketing techniques to help other small businesses flourish across this great country.

10) How can I get started?
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3….Just call the number listed on the Home Page. A representative is standing by to set up your account. We will just need your email to send you your welcome letter including account setup which will give you your login and instructions to set up your password. We will also need the desired phone number you would like the calls to go to. Last, we will need a company name and contact person for the account as well. That along with these items and payment setup, you’ll begin getting calls immediately.

Thank you for visiting our FAQ page, and we look forward to serving your business!